Friday, June 24, 2011

Matched by Ally Condie

Matched (Matched, #1)I'm so impressed with the Dystopian stories being published nowadays for teens. What seemed to be a minor trend a few years back when *everything* seemed to be about vampires, has exploded into the mainstream and THEN current trend after the success of The Hunger Games trilogy. Everytime I pick up another book set in the future where all is not as perfect as it seems, I'm sure that this will be the one to disappoint me. Such was my frame of mind when I picked up Matched.

Cassia is excited and nervous to finally meet her match. She's eager to see who the Society has chosen as her perfect mate; and an excuse to eat such delicacies as cake and dress up in finery at the banquet isn't bad either. Cassia lives in a world where the Society makes all her decisions for her -- where she lives, what she wears, what she eats, where she works, even when she will die. Her life seems perfect, she's with her loving family, she's matched with someone she's been best friends with forever. What more could she want?

Seeing the flash of someone else when looking at information about her match, Cassia begins to question all that the Society has told her. Suddenly, everything isn't so perfect after all. What if the Society was wrong and they chose her wrong match? If they were wrong about this, what else could be wrong?

There's lots to love about this story. It doesn't take long for me to get sucked into Cassia's world and wonder along with her about her life. As she struggles to decide who is a better match, Xander or Ky, I feel her anguish. I so want her to make the right choices, but I too have no idea what the right choice should be.

Matched will appeal to a wide audience. Fans of SF, adventure stories, and romance will all find something to like here. It's easy to recognize that this will be the first in a series, the ending leaving many plot details hanging. My grade? An 'A!' I for one will be impatiently waiting for the next!