Friday, April 30, 2010

Tokyo Mew Mew, Volume 1 by Mia Ikumi & Reiko Yoshida

Tokyo Mew Mew, Volume 1
In my neverending quest for more manga titles to acquire in my library, I'm reading just about any that are recommended to me. One such title was Tokyo Mew Mew, especially recommended for younger readers.

Ichigo is on a date with Masaya, one of the cutest boys in school. Too bad her took her to a museum to see an exhibit on endangered species. So boring, but Ichigo is willing to overlook this, because Masaya is so cute and sweet. While at the museum, Ichigo and four other girls accidentally become part of an experiment when the DNA of some of those endangered species is inserted into them. It causes the girls to have some of the characteristics of the animals. Ichigo is the first of these girl to be recruited to help fight the Kirema animas (creatures infected by aliens), but first she must find the other girls like her.

I'm curious about Tokyo Mew Mew's premise, and will read more in the series to see how the story develops. I can foresee lots of exciting possibilities with battles and the relationship dynamics. I'm already annoyed by the sweetness/cuteness overload, but I'm not surprised to find it in this series. I doubt it'll bother other readers like it does me. In fact, many may find it endearing.

I have lots of hopes of the story getting stronger as it continues, and I'm glad to find something else to add to my manga collection. I give this a C+ with hopes that the next volume may even be worth a B.

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