Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Do Animals Have Rights? by Yolanda Brooks (Global Questions)

Do Animals Have Rights? (Global Questions)
Do Animals Have Rights? is one book in the Global Questions series from Black Rabbit Books. In this volume, the issue of animal rights is broken down into seven basic areas -- the meaning of animal rights (including the history of the animal rights movement), animal rights issues in farming, animals used in research, the sport of hunting, pets or companion animals, conservation organizations (including zoos and game preserves), and the use of animals in entertainment (circuses, rodeos, bull fights).

 The author attempts to present both sides of each example in the issue, but more attention is given to the pro-animal rights reasonings. Also, most of the photos and illustrations throughout the book support give a nod to this side as well. It's not something that surprises me in a book on this topic, but I generally like to see a fair representation of both sides of a controversial issue.

I did like the visual presentation of this book, with just enough color photographs and graphics on the page to keep it interesting. Students writing a report on this topic, will find this attractive and be able to obtain useful information (at least from the pro side) on this issue. I give it a C.

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