Friday, November 18, 2011

Everest: You Decide How To Survive! by Bill Doyle and David Borgenicht

Worst-Case Scenario Ultimate Adventure: Everest: You Decide How to Survive!
You are the main character in the book and a member of an expedition to climb Mt. Everest. In the style of the "Choose Your Own Adventure" books, you are given a choice at major parts of the trip. Depending upon your choice, you will actually make it to the summit.. or not. Before starting the story, the reader is given instructions to read the Expedition File at the back of the book. This is an illustrated guide to help you in making the right decisions while reading the story. It's made to look like an envelope with handwritten instructions, maps, lists, and so forth, written by your guides.

I like this one, with all the different possible outcomes. I tried to keep up with the choices, going back and reading both to see what would have happened if I chose the other possibility, but it became too complicated. Most of the ones I did read showed logical possibilities and I think it'll keep the reader interested. I can see one reading it over and over, making a different decision just to see what happened -- and readers would do this even if they made it to the top of the summit in one reading. C+ rating.

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