Friday, February 10, 2012

Iceberg, Right Ahead! The Tragedy of the Titanic by Stephanie Sammartino McPherson

Iceberg, Right Ahead! The Tragedy of the TitanicWith the 100 year anniversary mark of the Titanic's sinking this spring, this book will fill a need for any collection. In reading Iceberg, Right Ahead! The Tragedy of the Titanic, the reader learns about how the Titanic was built, the details of its launch, the events of the night she sank, and the ultimate discovery of her wreckage on the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. The author also discusses the controversy over the salvage of items from the ship as well as new theories on why she sank. I really like how the author included what happened to some of the survivors after they were rescued, since many times this is overlooked.

Although this is an informative book, I found the text to flow smoothly, almost like fiction. The illustrations and photographs add to the words while finding a way to not overpower the page -- a nice selection that includes historical as well as current illustrations. Readers will find this book fascinating. B+ rating.

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