Thursday, April 19, 2012

Zombie Winter by Jason Strange

Zombie Winter
Kane and his friends at Ravens Pass Middle School just want winter to end. They are tired of the snow, the cold and the boredom. When the new lunch lady, Ms. Garrity, offers everyone free hot chocolate at lunch, the whole school can't wait for lunchtime. Everyone that is, except Kane. He's allergic to chocolate. When Kane and his friends arrive at the cafeteria, they discover the place is crazy. Everyone is in a frenzy for the treat! People have blank looks in their eyes and chocolate stains around their mouths and down their chins. Kane decides he'll skip the craziness and head for the library instead. When he gets to the library, he discovers three students attacking Mr. Theodore, the librarian. The students have turned into zombies! He must escape the school and the hordes of zombie students and then figure out a way to defeat them!

This high interest story is perfect for reluctant readers, for who doesn't want to read a book with a creepy zombie in a red hoodie on the cover? It'll easy snag the reader's attention and he'll zoom through the action. It's not a perfect story, though. I had way too many questions about some plot holes and the ending was conveniently simple. Maybe a bit rushed, in my opinion. C rating.

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