Thursday, November 5, 2009

Ghost in the Machine by Patrick Carman

Ghost In The Machine (Skeleton Creek)In this sequel to Skeleton Creek, Ryan continues his journal of the events that occurred when he and his best friend, Sarah, try to uncover all the mysteries surrounding the dredge on the edge of their town. Just like the last book, Sarah's entries are shown in a video format via a website and password. As the duo digs deeper into the mystery, they find more and more connections between the secrets of the dredge and people in town, including Ryan's dad.

Not as scary as the first book, Ghost in the Machine, instead focuses on solving the mystery and discovering who is behind it all. The videos aren't as compelling as in Skeleton Creek, but are an integral part of the story. (And I still love the concept!) I think fans of the first book will eat this one up and beg for more of Ryan and Sarah. I give this one a solid B, Recommended!

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