Friday, October 1, 2010

Slob by Ellen Potter

Owen is the fattest boy in his school. He's teased some, and especially picked on by his P.E. coach who seems to want to make his life extra-miserable. Owen tries hard not to let school bring him down, for at home his specialty is inventing things. Right now, he's working on building a TV that will show events from the past. Specifically, the past that was two years ago. That's when his parents were killed in a robbery of their deli and the murderer was never caught. He's hoping that his invention will give him a clue.

For me, Slob didn't start off particularly interesting. In fact, it was rather painful to read about the despicable behavior of the coach towards Owen, knowing his life was hard enough without that extra jab from an adult. I was over 50 pages into the story, before I even had a hint of what this story was about (and why I should keep on reading). I don't know too many teens that would give a story that much time or pages to hook them. Once I finally found out what's the deal with the book, it wasn't that much of a hardship to pick it up and finish. The last quarter of the book redeems the slow start, but I doubt most will make it that far. My grade? A 'C.'

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