Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan (The Kane Chronicles #1)

The Red Pyramid (Kane Chronicles, #1)
I'm a huge fan of Riordan's Percy Jackson series, but for some reason it took me over six months to finally pick The Red Pyramid up to read. Frankly, I didn't enjoy Carter and Sadie as much as Percy and gang, and I really can't say why. I could see similarities in the writing style and even in the way the plot developed, but just didn't have the same excitement and energy.

I know, I know, it sounds like it's a terrible book, but that's not so. It's still a very readable adventure-fantasy, once the story gets going. I just didn't love it, nor did I love the Egyptian mythology that's the basis for the Kane Chronicles. It's possible that I set my expectations up too high and the next book in the series will be the one to snatch me. We shall see. All in all, not a bad one, just not the one for me. I give it a 'B-' rating.

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