Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Astronaut Academy : Zero Gravity by Dave Roman

Astronaut Academy: Zero GravityHakata Soy is the mysterious new boy at Astronaut Academy. He arrived about a month into the semester and isn't willing to share much about himself. Hakata finds himself amidst an eclectic group of students, including a spoiled rich girl with a crush on him, a roommate only interested in sports, a girl with an affinity for always showing up at the right time, and a robot out to destroy him.

The story starts off extremely entertaining and somewhat humorous, but about 100 pages into it, I started to get bored. The constant introduction (or reintroduction) of the characters became tedious, and I just wanted the story to continue. The black and white illustrations are fabulous and add character to the story. They're probably the best thing about it.

This is for fans of graphic novels, especially if you like action/adventure/superhero ones. It had a great deal of potential, but didn't quite live up to what was a fantastic start. I give it a 'C'.

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