Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Seize the Storm by Michael Cadnum

Seize the StormSeize the Storm by Michael Cadnum

Susannah, her cousin Martin, and her parents are sailing to Hawaii when they come across an abandoned (they think) boat. On it they discover two dead men and a bag full of money -- $800,000 worth of money. What happens when the associates of the dead men show up could possibly doom them all.

This book had so much potential, and then blew it. I love the format -- short chapters filled with tons of suspense, leading to thrilling action. I just didn't like the characters... none of them. I wanted to be able to root for a good guy, but there wasn't a good guy. All of the characters were flawed and seemed to make terrible decisions. If there had been a point where they realized the poor decisions and regretted them, then maybe I would have liked it better. I don't feel like anyone redeemed himself in the end. I'll be interested to read what others thought of this book, because right now, I wouldn't recommend it to others. D rating.

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