Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Princess Mia by Meg Cabot

Princess Mia (The Princess Diaries, #9)Princess Mia by Meg Cabot

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I recently learned that Meg Cabot has written an eleventh book in the Princess Diaries series to be published summer of 2015. That news was just what I needed to get me to pull out those I still had left to read in the series. I honestly don't know why I got away from them, as I just adore Mia.

In this installment, Mia has a mental breakdown after Michael ends their romantic relationship and Lilly still won't speak to her. After spending a week in bed, her parents force her to go to therapy with Dr. Knuts. She has traded princess lessons for therapy sessions, but she must still make her Grandmere happy. So, she agrees to give a speech at a Domina Rei party. While doing research for her speech, Mia comes across the diary of a Genovian princess from the 1600s. In there, she learns major news about Genovia that everyone MUST know! Only, her father and Grandmere don't want anyone else to know. What is MIa to do?

It's amazing to me that when I'm reading these books, Mia just comes alive in my head. I can totally see her and her friends. I love how things that don't seem like a huge deal to adults are the end of the world to Mia and her friends. Such Drama!! But, the drama is just so funny. It's totally over the top, but I'm not annoyed with all the angst -- I'm laughing! I like how Mia is able to take the advice of her therapist and start to overcome her depression step by little step.

Although I won't spoil it, I will say the ending was just perfect! I can't wait to read the next one. Hmm.. Do I read it soon or wait until closer to #11's release date?

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