Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Violet on the Runway by Melissa C. Walker

Violet On The RunwayViolet On The Runway by Melissa C. Walker

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Violet is discovered by a model agent while working at the local movie theater in Chapel Hill, NC. A self-described wallflower, Violet is excited about the possibilities, but scared that this is just a joke. She's invited to New York for a weekend for a makeover and go-sees. She doesn't think it'll amount to much and is totally surprised when she books some shows for NY Fashion Week. Deciding to graduate early and move to New York City to model in the spring of what would be her senior year of high school, Violet learns that modeling is not all glamour and fun.

I almost put this one down in the middle. When Violet chose to be buddy-buddy with the popular girls at her high school, instead of backing up her two friends, I wanted to yell, "How could you?!" at her. But thinking on it, I'm sure there are many girls that would do exactly the same thing. Is it right? Of course not. Is it something that would happen? Sure. I knew then and there that something would happen to Violet in New York that would cause her to come home with her tail between her legs, begging her old friends for forgiveness. They, in turn, would forgive her in a heartbeat and everything would end up perfectly! Voila! Just like many other books or TV movies. I'd seen (or read) it all before.

But that's not what happened. Violet does choose to go to New York over her friends at home. (You knew that just by looking at the cover!) Things aren't perfect in New York, but she doesn't hit rock bottom. I like that she's disillusioned about life as a model, but becomes more realistic. As Violet learns how others treat models at a photo shoot (like they're not human), she knows that she must learn to deal with the pain it causes or become like some of the more seasoned models. Yes, you will read about the mean models who try to trick you, the models with eating disorders, and the ones with drug habits. But does Violet become one of them? Uh, not exactly. She's no angel, but I wouldn't say she's completely a mean girl either.

I know many a teen girl that dream of being discovered like Violet. It seems like a fairy tale come true. With Violet on the Runway, we get a glimpse of the reality that all may not be perfect in the modeling world. C rating.

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