Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Atticus of Rome, 30 B.C. by Barry Denenberg

Atticus of Rome, 30 B.C.   (The Life and Times Series)
With the popularity of the Dear America and My Name is America series, I picked up a couple of books in The Life and Times series, Atticus of Rome being one of them. I hoped this book would be on par with some of the titles from the aforementioned series.

Sadly, I didn't like this book. The story took way too long to develop and then, wasn't even fully realized. Yes, there's plenty of detailed description of Ancient Roman life, but what happened to the story? There were things mentioned, here, there and yonder, but never cohesively tied together.

 Frankly, this was just a big hot mess. My suggestion is to skip this one entirely. I give it a D.

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