Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Name of This Book is Secret by Pseudonymous Bosch

The Name of this Book is Secret
You have to admit this book has a fabulous cover. The carnival-esque look with a blurb to get any Lemony Snicket fan salivating... oh yeah.

Unfortunately, my love for the story doesn't match my love for the cover. Yes, the story has a Series of Unfortunate Events feel to it, but, honestly, the author is trying too hard to make it like ASOUE. If I wasn't absolutely anal about reading every book I start cover-to-cover, I probably would have put it down after only the first two or three chapters. I was thinking, really?? You really think the reader thinks this is cute, clever, humorous??? Sadly missed the mark there.

It's probably a good thing that I do finish every book I start, because the story did improve after a few more chapters. I tended to "overlook" those Snicket-like references in the story and focused more on what was actually happening to Cass and Max-Ernest. I discovered a pretty good mystery there. I think the idea of the evil group using alchemy and the children wanting to find out about their missing classmate was actually intriguing and made for a good story, but quit trying so hard to be funny. It wasn't.

I think this book will basically leave a reader with one of two reactions. Either you will absolutely adore the book and immediately look for book two in the series or you will want to throw the book against the wall and never want to even think about it again.

For me, I believe once is enough. I don't have any desire to read any more of the series, even to discover the answers to the teasers at the end of the story. Nope. I think the author just tried way too hard and it fell flat.  For me, it was a C, but I realize that others will rate it much, much higher.

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