Thursday, August 26, 2010

War Games by Audrey & Akila Couloumbis

War Games
War Games tells of a the German invasion of Greece during World War II from a boy's perspective. Based on one of the author's own experiences, one gets a feeling of the emotions -- fear, excitement, impatience, resentment, resignation -- that many go through during times of war. Focusing on one boy and his family, with glimpses of others in his village, the reader can imagine what life was like during this time period.

Books about World War II are very popular with the middle grades. Most start off as curious about what happened, after being exposed to Anne Frank or possibly a novel like Number the Stars. War Games gives readers a chance to learn about events in Greece during the war of which they may be unaware. There's a bit of suspenseful moments, especially after the German officer lives in the family's home, but the tension can take a long time to truly develop and is over quickly.

I think those wanting to read "more" about WWII, might enjoy this story, but honestly I'm not sure that if they don't already have interest, this book would stimulate interest. I'd view it as an addition, but not a must-read, a grade of 'C' for me.

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