Monday, January 23, 2012

Book Read : Jungle Force (Jungle Kill) by Jim Eldridge

Jungle KillMitch joins a Black Ops unit and goes on a super-secret mission to free a kidnapped political leader in West Africa. Being the newbie to the unit, Mitch hopes to gain the trust of his fellow soldiers while using his language expertise on the mission. When Mitch defies his superior's orders, will he be allowed to stay in the unit?

This high energy, action-packed adventure will appeal to reluctant readers. Featuring short, episodic chapters, the reader will be fully-immersed in the story before realizing it. Even though the story is violent, the author didn't capitalize on the gore factor. The characters do use their weapons to battle the enemy which does result in some deaths, but none are described in too much detail. Yes, there are some plot holes and huge questions regarding Mitch's past, but I knew before starting this story wasn't intended to be top literature. I can see many a reader enjoying Jungle Kill. I give it a C.

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