Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Operation Yes by Sara Lewis Holmes

Operation YesBo's cousin, Gari, comes to live with his family on an Air Force base in North Carolina when her mother is called to active duty in Iraq. Neither Bo nor Gari are excited about living together and going to school together. But, both become excited about their unconventional sixth grade teacher who brings a sofa into the classroom, proposes a drama club, and surprises the class with improvisation activities from time to time. When Miss Loupe's brother is declared missing in Afghanistan, her class pulls together and organize a program of support for Miss Loupe's brother and others like him.

Operation Yes is an inspirational story of support and friendship. Even kids who haven't experienced life on a military base or don't have relatives on active duty will find pieces of themselves in the students of Miss Loupe's class. I found it an uplifting tale, set amid the heartbreaks of being on the homefront during wartime. I give it a B.

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