Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Brain Finds a Leg by Martin Chatterton

The Brain Finds a Leg
You have to admit the cover of this book is going to grab your attention. Besides the bright blue and yellow colors, the picture of a brain at the top with the menacing crocodile at the bottom makes you take a second look. Also, the title --The Brain Finds a Leg -- gets your brain wondering what exactly the title means.

The Brain is actually Theo Brain, the new kid in school. The Brain believes he is the world's greatest detective and recruits Sheldon as his (somewhat reluctant) partner. Together, they try to solve the mystery behind a missing surfer, strange behavior by some of the local wildlife, and a severed leg they find in the woods. What ensues is a crazy farce that includes a teacher in disguise, a toothpaste company, a brother framed for murder, and a genius machine.

When I started reading The Brain Finds a Leg, I didn't really like the character of The Brain. He seemed too pushy, too much of a know-it-all, but then I slowly began to see that that's what he is SUPPOSED to be. Eventually, I came around to liking him just a bit. The wild clues and the crazy ways The Brain and Sheldon go about unraveling the mystery can be bit over-the-top at times. Some readers will be charmed by that, while others will become annoyed and frustrated. Overall, I genuinely liked the story and will give the sequel a try. I give it a C.

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