Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Food and Farming by John Baines

Food and Farming (The Global Village)
I tend to read only fiction, or if I do read something nonfiction it's most likely to be a biography. I've made it a goal this year to read more nonfiction books, including but not limited to biographies.

Food and Farming is part of a series focusing on the effects of globalization on different issues. Obviously, this one focused on how farmers and food distribution and manufacturing companies have been affected by the globalization of the industry. Topics discussed included free trade, government subsidies, tariffs, small farms vs. large company farms, organic farming, and genetically engineered food.

The author tries to present both sides of the issue, giving both advantages and disadvantages of each topic. Also included is a list of other books and web sites in which to gather more information, and a glossary of possibly unfamiliar terms. The book is filled with colorful photos, graphs, charts and tables. Each section includes a "Focus on..." section, which provides readers with a related thought/fact on which to ponder.

This is basically a very dry topic that won't interest the average reader. It is ideal for research or extra information of the subject matter. I see those needed more information or examples of globalization will find this book useful. It's designed well, full of useful information, but I doubt it'll be a book that many will want to read. I give it a C.

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