Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Kingdom Hearts II, Volume 2 by Shiro Amano

Kingdom Hearts II Volume 2
I'm still rather new to manga and trying to read from as many different series as I can. I chose Kingdom Hearts III, because it seems to be a popular one with boys. I couldn't find volume 1, so I started with volume 2. Unlike some other series, there wasn't a short summary of what has happened so far, so I had to jump right in the action. Yes, I was a bit confused, but was able to figure some of it out, but really have more questions than answers. There's lots of action with suspense building towards a battle between Sora and the good guys and Malificent and the "heartless." I think fans of the video game will probably love this series, as they are more likely to understand the story. I rate it a 'C'.

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