Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Career as a Plumber by Simone Payment (Essential Careers)

A Career As a Plumber (Essential Careers)

I wouldn't normally pick up a book on plumbing to read, but I picked this new one up to peruse and ended up reading it. It's a nice overview of a plumber's job. The reader learns what sort of training and education is needed to become a plumber, what kinds of jobs a plumber does and what the prospects are in the near future for someone choosing this career. It's a good choice for those working on a report on a career, as the information is presented in a clear fashion and the page layouts are pleasing to the eye. Plenty of color photographs adorn each page, and only add to the attractiveness of the book. Many additional resources are given in the back of the book, including contact information for plumbing and construction unions and trade organizations, suggestions for further reading and a bibliography. Links for web sites with information can be found on a page set up by the publisher.

This isn't something a person would probably pick up for pleasure reading, but it can be a valuable resource for a report. I give it a 'C,' since it's more of an informational resource than entertaining.

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