Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Battle for Skandia by John Flanagan

The Battle for Skandia (Ranger's Apprentice, #4)
I adored the first three Ranger's Apprentice books for the fabulous storyline, the thrilling action-adventure, and the intriguing characters.  After being left hanging at the end of The Icebound Land, I couldn't wait to see how the story continued in The Battle for Skandia.

To open the story, Will and Evanlyn are still in Skandia waiting for the snow to thaw and the opportunity to return home.  Before this happens, Evanlyn is captured by the Temujai and Will, with the help of Halt and Horace, seek to gain her freedom.  The group form new alliances and develop some new friendships while protecting Araluen from another threatening force.

I always make sure that I will have plenty of reading time when I start one of Flanagan's books, because these are the stories that I want to read in one sitting.  I know when I pick up one of these books, I'm going to be entertained.  The Battle for Skandia did not disappoint.  A fast-paced read that kept me turning page after page long into the night.  I didn't want the story to end.  It's a must-read for Ranger's Apprentice fans and fantasy fans everywhere.  Loved, loved, loved it!  -- An 'A' rating!

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