Thursday, February 4, 2010

Party Games by Whitney Lyles

Party Games (Simon Romantic Comedies)
The Simon Romantic Comedies have been either a hit or miss for me. Some, I've adored and recommended over and over and others I want to just hide away. I've been wanting to read Whitney Lyles' Party Games ever since hearing that she wrote it. You see, I absolutely adored her Always the Bridesmaid, written for adults.

I'm a bit picky when reading teen romances. I want the characters to be three dimensional -- please no cardboard people. I want the story to be sweet and romantic and it MUST have a happy ending. Party Games almost fulfilled all of these requirements. Sara is refreshingly smart, funny, and level-headed. She works for her mom's party planning business, and seems more than capable in carrying out many of the job duties. Although surrounded by the trappings of the rich, she really doesn't seem obsessed with having everything and being materialistic. She is realistic in that she knows she'll have to save up for things she wants, such as a car. The love interest is a member of an up-and-coming band that seems more focused on the music than on the attentions of female fans. The real reason I'm not completely over the top for Party Games? You see, it does have one of those annoyingly spoiled secondary characters who always get what they want. She does have some redeeming moments, but I was way over her by then.

Overall a fun, light-hearted story that will be a hit for romance readers.  I give this one a B.

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