Monday, February 8, 2010

Mercury by Hope Larson

My goal this year is to find and read more graphic novels. Mercury is one I picked up, because I thought it might appeal to girls as well as guys, and we're always needing more GN for girls.

Mercury connects the story of Josey Fraser, living in the 1850's, to Tara Fraser, a descendant living today in the same town in Nova Scotia. Josey's story is told via flashbacks and is set off with dark backgrounds on the pages to separate it from Tara's part of the story. When Tara finds a necklace, a family heirloom, she learns of its magical qualities and its connection to Josey and her tragic story.

Many different readers will find the story intriguing, as it should appeal to those who enjoy mysteries, romances, and magical adventures. Hopefully, the switching narrators won't confuse them too much. I give it a 'C'.

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