Friday, February 12, 2010

The Bridesmaid by Hailey Abbott

The Bridesmaid
I read The Bridesmaid about five years ago and remembered it as a sweet romance with some funny moments. The library's copy was lost, so when I replaced it, I decided to do a reread.

Abby and her sister, Carol, promised each other as children to never get married. Falling in love was okay, but no wedding. You see, they grew up watching many a bride turn into a Bridezilla through their parents' wedding planning and reception hall business. When Carol comes home from college and announces she's engaged to get married, Abby feels betrayed and wants nothing to do with the wedding planning. Abby watches with disgust as her sister turns into one of those screaming, crazy Bridezillas and her parents argue over planning every aspect of the wedding. No one seems to understand Abby's feelings, including her two best friends and Noah, the son of the cake decorator and her crush.

The Bridesmaid was every bit as good as I remembered. Funny scenes give way to moments of angst as the reader gets caught up in Abby's emotions. The romance that develops between Abby and Noah is sweet and I like how they don't let their tiff blow up to a huge misunderstanding. Less drama is better. (Especially since it's not needed with all the wedding drama in the background.) The story is capped off with an expected, but still humorous, ending to the farce.

Romance fans will be delighted with The Bridesmaid, an entertaining romp. Rated a 'B', super cute!

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