Monday, September 13, 2010

Killer Pizza by Greg Taylor

Killer Pizza
Killer Pizza, a horror story with an eye-catching cover, tells the story of Toby, a fourteen-year-old wannabe chef. He'd just about given up in finding a summer job, when he's offered a job at a new pizza restaurant in town, Killer Pizza. Toby's super excited about the opportunity, because how else is he going to get experience in the kitchen in order to one-day fulfill his dream of becoming a famous chef. After starting work there, Toby and his two co-workers, Strobe and Annabel, learn that Killer Pizza is actually a front for a monster-hunting organization and are recruited to become its latest trainees.

Teens will be drawn to Killer Pizza by the striking cover and will be hooked immediately after reading the prologue, which describes a monster attack on a teen. The story is fast-paced and action-packed which will keep even the most reluctant reader turning the page. Personally, I found it a bit campy, almost like a B-movie of the past come to life. This allowed me to look fondly on a story which probably would be forgettable otherwise.

I know many teens that will love this story much more than I did. From me, it gets a 'C.'

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